Used Us Military Mermite Insulated Food Container, $65.00 each, approx. 22 lbs each shipping weight


U.S. Military issue Mermite insulated food container
Made to keep food items Hot or Cold
Holds  twenty-four 12 oz. cans with room for ice
Designed to hold three aluminum containers (separates meat, veggies, soup, etc.)
Two handles, four locking fasteners on lid.
Large rubber gasket under lid
Exterior dimensions are 21 in long X 10 in Wide X 16 deep. 
Will hold approximately 5 3/4 gallons when inserts are removed.
perfect height to use as a seat.

Usefull stock numbers:
NSN 7330-00-238-2411 (complete unit)
Complete insert       7330-00-243-3253  (includes cover and gasket)
Insert cover          7330-00-243-3254
Insert cover gasket   5330-00-032-2721
Outer cover gasket    5330-00-032-2722

Insulated food container with inserts NSN 7690-01-224-6411
Instructions for use  NSN 7690-01-220-3274